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Structure your task list


Tasks lists are only helpful if they are structured. Otherwise, the full load of tasks is just overwhelming. What method of structuring and prioritizing suits you best is a [...]

Structure your task list2019-07-17T10:49:51+01:00

Be the best Manager you can be


Every business knows how important effective management is. Putting the right people in the management position is a pretty difficult task. This person has to have the right work [...]

Be the best Manager you can be2019-04-16T13:46:14+01:00

Be successful in what you do


Who are you really? Is your outside presence in balance with your inside? Truly happy and successful people are this way because they try to be the best version of [...]

Be successful in what you do2016-04-14T15:00:44+01:00

Use your Lunch Break for an extra Boost


To all freelancers, developers, managers and bosses: I know in the business world, time is precious. Every single second is needed to get closer to the business goal. But let [...]

Use your Lunch Break for an extra Boost2016-02-25T14:03:52+01:00