Benefits of being a freelancer

Ever thought about quitting your typical 9to5 job and start being a freelancer? It is an idea considering, as it is a great alternative to a regular job.

This decision should not be taken lightly, as it has a high impact on your personal life as well as on your family’s. Of course, it is positive, if you become a really successful freelancer. However, there will be hard times as well, where family and friends support is necessary.

But what are the advantages of choosing this career path and does it outweigh all the risks which come with this choice?

Financial benefits

The time has come to an end working for a flat rate no matter how complex the project is. Working as a freelancer allows you to keep or allocate all profits from all the jobs you did. Usually the rate is also higher then one of a full-time employee, because of the flexible nature of your relationship. There is also the possibility to do multiple projects at the same time, which can also increase your pay.

Freedom to choose

First, you will take the work which is available, so you can pay the bills, which arrive monthly. They might not be the ideal projects, which you wished for, but don’t let this bother you. Every freelancer had to start this way to get established. Once you are known for your work, you can decide to work on projects you are interested in. Choosing clients like this would not be possible in a regular corporate job.

You are your own boss

If you are a freelancer and have a client which is a real pain, you can decide if it is worth continuing or if it is better to stop this cooperation. Essentially, you are your own boss, and can avoid stressful work with people who are difficult. It is also on you, if you take breaks or holidays. You don’t have to ask anyone for approval and ensure productivity.

Work wherever, whenever

Furthermore, you select your work routine. Whether you prefer consistency when you are working or you like the flexibility, which comes with being a freelancer. You can choose where your workplace is. This might be the coffee shop across the road or on your holiday in the Caribbean. You are no longer bound to a physical place like an office or your home. Find a place, where you feel comfortable and can be the most productive. Moreover, typical workhours don’t apply to you anymore. If you work best at night, choose this time as your workhours. As long as you deliver what your clients asked for, they will be happy.


As a freelancer, you will work for different clients and projects, and this will help you to build a unique range of skills over time. These experiences may also give you the opportunity to test out other industry sectors. In addition, you can take time off taking courses and further educate yourself.

Independent work can be deeply rewarding and if you believe in your skill-set you will find an abundance of opportunities. Are you up for this challenge?

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