Acteamo Features

Manage your projects

Get an overview over your projects and your team. Filter the list of projects as desired. Simple and intuitive use.

Manage tasks in to do lists

A single page gives you access to your assigned tasks, allowing you to check items off and add new tasks with a few clicks. Filter your list as desired.

Track your working time

Keep track of your own and your entire team’s time spent on projects and tasks. Push the track button and let acteamo count your working hours or deal with it later on.

Attach files to tasks

Add documents to projects to share them with your team. It is easy to share data without all the hassle of emailing. Your data is as save as the data of Swiss banks.

Files are stored safely

All files you upload to acteamo are stored in a top tier data center in Switzerland where some Swiss banks also host their servers.

Assign tasks to team

Schedule tasks and assign them to your co-workers. You can see in your task list which task has already been completed.

Chat with your team

Stay connected to your team and your clients and answer questions directly in acteamo. Easily answer questions without a flood of emails.

Keep clients informed

Make clients feel more involved with their projects and give them a client-view. This allows them to keep up to date whenever they feel like it.

Export time sheets

Download time sheets per project or per person whenever you want. The time sheets are the perfect base for invoicing your work.

Accessible from everywhere

You can connect with your team from all over the world. You only need an internet connection.

Comment tasks

You can start a discussion on every task. Thus, advice can be given where it is needed and you save time searching for information.

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