Beat your Monday blues

After weekend, Monday feels like we are running against a big wall (a really big one). Alarm clock is ringing to early, we are sitting in crowded trains or stocked in crowded highways. The answer: a mixture of bad mood and tiredness also known as Monday blues. It is comprehensible then Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday were marked with good food, relaxing time, spending time with your family and sleeping in. Luckily, there are tips to beat lousy Mondays.

Prepare for Monday

Preparation for Monday starts on Friday. Try to clear your inbox on Friday and organise and prepare as much as you can for the following week. Get your desk ready for Monday. Review your to-do-list and be happy about the things you did.

Also make time on Sunday evening to prepare your workweek. Try to lay out your favourite suit or dress on Sunday evening so that you can wear your favourite suit/dress on Monday. You feel much better if you wear something you like. As the expression says: look good to feel good.

Enjoy your Sunday

End your Sunday relaxed. Even leisure time can degenerate into stress, if you have to much appointments and activities planned and no free space for recovery. Also try not to extend your weekend by staying awake long. Try to go to bed early to get enough sleep for the new workweek.

Start early

Nothing is worse than going to work with almost closed eyes. That’s why we should get up earlier on Mondays. Set your alarm clock a little bit earlier than usual or get up without the snooze button. Use the time to take a long shower, to drink a good coffee or just to eat a great breakfast. Afterwards, you are feeling better – trust us.


You can boost your mood by laughing even if you don’t feel like. That tricks your brain into happiness. It is also proven that smiling lower stress and boost your immune system. A smile changes the way you think and feel.


Share your happy mood with your colleagues. You can boost your mood by listening to your favourite music or funny small talks with your colleagues.

Finally, some facts about Monday

  • Most work-related accidents happen on a Monday.

  • In 2012 and 2018, there were 53 Mondays in the year. This won’t happen again until 2024.

  • Numerous holidays always fall on a Monday.

  • Monday occurs once a week. It is between Sunday and Tuesday.

  • Every Monday has exactly 24 hours. Emotionally, the time between 0:00 and 6:00 is twice as fast as on other days.

Do you have more tips to start the new week without a Monday blues? Let us know in the comments below.

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