Your Personal Hub for Work Management!

Acteamo gives you more time to focus on the things that make you exceptional at what you do. It combines project management, task management and file management in one efficient business platform based in Switzerland. You can have everything in just one tool and do not need to switch between different tools.

Project Management

Manage your projects in a simple, insightful overview panel. Efficiently review your active projects. Filter the list by project name, client, team member/s assigned and project status.

Task Management

Master your To­Do List. A single page gives you access to your assignments, allowing you to check items off, and add new tasks with a few clicks. Prioritize the assignments that are most important by adjusting the order of the items in your task list.

Time Tracking

Keeping track of the time spent by you and your entire team on your projects tasks has never been easier. Simply login to Acteamo Team Edition and review real- time status reports from your entire team.

Secure File Drive

Easily share your folders with your contacts or add documents into projects to share it with other co-workers. Acteamo makes it easy to share data without all the hassle of emailing.

Open your Workspace to your Team

The world of business has become hyper-connected and new talents are just a mouse-click away nowadays. You’ve leveraged this new reality and pursued your passion. You didn’t start a business so you could waste time behind a desk, coordinating with team members and completing paperwork.


Working with freelancers or as a freelancer has one big challenge: You work in different organizations. Workspaces allows users to switch between these organizations and keep things separated but still use the same tool.


Have you ever seen a chat where you can convert a message into a task? Acteamo`s innovative Chat Solution makes it possible. After marking the task as done we automatically show it in the Chat Window as well. This is intuitive and very helpful.


Finally, meetings are planned, managed and executed within a collaboration tool. With Acteamo`s Meeting module you can invite colleagues to meetings, manage agendas, communicate decisions and create next action items as tasks.


Soon, we will have dashboards for you. We want you to keep the overview on how you and your team is progressing through your projects and tasks.

Why will your life be much easier?

Secure Cloud

We own our infrastructure and operate in a top tier data center in Switzerland where some Swiss banks also host their servers.

Personal Freedom

Access acteamo from everywhere on this  planet. Unlike other tools, your data is still yours and you can always export your data.

Less Emails

There is no need to send emails back and forth. Manage your tasks, attach files and keep everything together without sending any emails.

More Transparency

Everybody in the project will see who has which tasks to solve until when. Documents can be attached, time tracked and you keep the overview over your work.

Save Time

By keeping everything together in one platform, there is no need to switch back and forth. Manage everything from one tool.

Save Money

Use acteamo for free as an individual. Teams only pay for what they really need. There is no need to buy several SaaS solutions but only one – acteamo.