Simplify your work


No matter in what kind of company you work, there are countless internal processes to handle. In every team there are tasks to fulfil, projects to manage, and requests to review.

Simplify your work2020-02-13T17:35:48+01:00

Effective time management hacks


“I don’t have enough time” or “This does not fit into my schedule”. You probably said one of these sentences before and still haven’t figured out a way to remove [...]

Effective time management hacks2020-02-17T09:10:21+01:00

Improve productivity in your remote team


Nowadays, it is quite common that geographical restrictions are loosened in the business world and companies are taking advantage of skills, tax and labour costs by hiring staff from other [...]

Improve productivity in your remote team2020-02-17T09:15:38+01:00

How to improve productivity as a freelancer


Staying productive is one of the most difficult things to do as a freelancer. With no one checking on your progress, you only have yourself to blame if you didn’t manage to reach the goals on time.

How to improve productivity as a freelancer2020-02-24T13:38:54+01:00