Structure your task list


Tasks lists are only helpful if they are structured. Otherwise, the full load of tasks is just overwhelming. What method of structuring and prioritizing suits you best is a [...]

Structure your task list2019-07-17T10:49:51+01:00

6 Hacks for more productive 24 hours


It is already late afternoon and you still haven’t finished everything you had planned for the day? This is the time you wish there would be more hours in [...]

6 Hacks for more productive 24 hours2019-04-16T14:01:06+01:00

Effective time management hacks


“I don’t have enough time” or “This does not fit into my schedule”. You probably said one of these sentences before and still haven’t figured out a way to remove [...]

Effective time management hacks2019-02-12T15:28:06+01:00

Improve productivity in your remote Team


Nowadays, it is quite common that geographical restrictions are loosened in the business world and companies are taking advantage of skills, tax and labour costs by hiring staff from other [...]

Improve productivity in your remote Team2019-02-12T15:32:35+01:00

Use your Lunch Break for an extra Boost


To all freelancers, developers, managers and bosses: I know in the business world, time is precious. Every single second is needed to get closer to the business goal. But let [...]

Use your Lunch Break for an extra Boost2016-02-25T14:03:52+01:00