Tips to achieve your New Year’s Eve goals

Every year the same game. On New Year’s Eve we set some lifechanging resolutions and within weeks we forget about it and fail. What’s everything in our mind: less stress, do an education, treat your employees better, eat healthier, spend more time with friends and family. Try our tips and you will accomplish your New Year’s goals.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals

You have to set goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and have a Time-bound. Define S.M.A.R.T. goals to reach your resolution – so you can’t lie to yourself.



Set a clear goal which you are able to focus on.

Your goal has to be measurable that you can track your progress.


Your goal should be possible. Make your goals down-to-earth and achieve your goal in small but still challenging steps.


The settled goal should be matter to you and that you have the control over them.


Every goal needs a deadline. So you can check if you reach your goal. The deadline time-bound should also be realistic. Give you enough (but not too much) time to achieve your goal.

Write your goals down

Mostly, goals are only set mentally but it is important that you write it down and place it somewhere you can see it frequently. When you see your goals frequently you can review your progress. What is about your lock screen, work desk or in your bathroom mirror (first and last thing you see every day)?


The big WHY

Write down WHY you want to achieve your goals. For example: Why do I want to make an education? Why do I want to spend more time with my family or friends? If you ask yourself these questions, then be truly honest with yourself. The more honest you are with yourself the more realistic it will be that you achieve your goals. For example: I want to do an education to get more career opportunities and earn more money.


Integrate your goals into your habits

Set goals which take you less than 10 minutes (better 5 minutes) every day. The easier it is to integrate your goals into your habits the more likely it will be to achieve it. Also try to integrate it into your morning rituals right after getting up (for example: after brushing teeth’s). Because you do not know in which habit you are “after work” or “before bed”. It could be that you are tired, drunk or it is simply 4 am. That goes for “coming home” too. It is easier to make room in the morning and wake up a little earlier. Also start doing immediately and do not say I will do it later (procrastination).


Set goals for different areas of your live

Do not just focus on one area of your live to focus on. Set goals in different areas like relationship, work, health, fitness or finance and try to figure it out on which area you would like to focus on.

What about you? Are you struggling with keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Post it below.

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