Task tool to manage a team can be a big help especially if the team is on the large side. A good desktop task manager can help you organize better and focus on tasks in more efficient ways.

Some of the key functions that a Desktop task manager must have are the following:

Priority list-making:

The most important and basic task that needs proper attention is prioritization. Every project has a different level of work it requires and its deadline. To make completion of all the tasks on-time more achievable prioritization is important.

Task tool to manage


A proper analysis of the project, its progress, and what needs more work is important. That’s why make sure that you use a Task tool to manage the project which provides one glance panel to get all the data of the project.

Easy commenting and collaboration:

Every company needs a platform where it can comment on a project without interfering with the work. It can also help the note down important notes about a specific project so that you don’t have to dive into different folders to find that information.

Fortunately, Acteamo’s Task tool to manage the team and project contains all three of the project. You can make task and team management a piece of cake with the new features present on the platform.