Staying productive is one of the most difficult things to do as a freelancer. With no one checking on your progress, you only have yourself to blame if you didn’t manage to reach the goals on time. Once your productivity drops, your business goes with it. And when working at home, there are lots of distractions that can be detrimental to your productivity. Below are some of the tips that can help you maintain and enhance your productivity as a freelancer.

Start a Routine

It has been observed that having a routine can greatly improve your productivity. But this can be hard to do because you control your time as a freelancer. This is why it is important for you to learn which times of the day you are most productive, and stick to them. Your schedule should not just be all work. There should be times for sports or any physical activity that will help in boosting your energy levels.

It is important that you have a consistent schedule, and you stick with it. You should have at least an hour of me time before you turn on your computer and start the day’s work. Before sleeping, you should create a to-do list for the next day. That way you know what to do when it is time to start working.

Stop Procrastinating

One of the reasons why most freelancers experience a drop in their productivity is that they love to procrastinate. If they see a task that they can easily complete, they will save it for later. However, those small things can add up. Before you know it, you will be swamped with a lot of things to do. If there is something that can take less than five minutes to complete, then do it now. This will keep your to-do list shorter for the next day.

Take Breaks

It is also important to consider taking short breaks during the work day. Studies show that taking breaks can help get more things done. If you spend a couple of minutes away from work, then you will feel reenergised and ready to take on the next task. You can take a short coffee break, go for a walk, or play with your pet. You should also consider taking half an hour to an hour each day to eat lunch. You should not skip lunch because working on an empty stomach can only lead to poor concentration. When your stomach is full, you will be more focused on the task ahead, instead of being distracted by the noise that your stomach is making.

Remove Things Not Related to Work

You should turn off your phone and, close tabs and windows that are not needed for work. That way you can easily avoid the distractions on your computer. While multitasking is a valuable skill, single tasking can help you improve your productivity. By not waiting for an email notification or looking at your phone, you will be more focused on your work.

Wear Something Nice

While one of the perks of working at home is that you don’t need to dress up for office, it is recommended that you wear nicer clothes while working. Experts say that when you have nicer clothes on, you are able to think more clearly and be more productive. You tend to perform better when you sit up straight on your chair and have professional clothes on, compared a tank top and pajama pants.

Get Rid of Background Noise

While some freelancers want to listen to music or watch TV while working, the distractions in the background can slow down one’s productivity. The noise in the background is still processed by the brain. When you turn off the background sound, the brain can use all its energy on the task alone and nothing else.

Use Task Managers

While it is okay to create your to-do list on paper, a digital list can help you keep track of your progress. There are tools, such as Acteamo, that can help you monitor the tasks and a lot more. The app also serves as a project manager that can provide you with an overview of all your projects. And as a freelancer, there are times when you need to collaborate with others. Acteamo offers freelance collaboration tools that allow you to share files, organize a meeting, chat, and a lot more.

These are the things freelancers should keep in mind if they want to improve their productivity. Stay motivated, and develop good habits that will foster productivity in the long run and that is the easiest if you do what you love.