How Acteamo can aid you with the cause?

Time is money, we’ve all heard this statement but very few of us do ever care about how we spend our day and what we make out of it. And that’s what usually sets us apart from the successful ones because they know what they are doing which gives them direction on how to achieve their dreams. Time management in project management is also essential to understand how your team is spending their time and if they are productive or not.

Problem with introducing time tracking to your team

No one likes to be under supervision 24/7 and there’s a reason for that. While some only don’t want to get caught while dilly-dallying, others can’t perform under constant surveillance. It might even cause paranoia and cause performance and productivity issues in people. This is why you must introduce time tracking properly to put your team at ease.

Ways to introduce time tracking to your team

Time management for a freelancer is fairly easy as they are the only ones who are responsible for their work, but it’s different when it comes to managing teams. Teams are harder to convince because if the mass refuses you can’t do much about it. That is why it is important to make the right call and describe the need and benefits of time tracking first then just pushing it on your employees.

Give a short introduction

No one likes big useless motivational speeches especially when you have big piles of work and a short time on hand. Moreover, humans can pay attention to a task for a particular period. That’s why it’ll be more beneficial to keep the introductions short and simple. 

Time tracking app

Address the issue at hand

People need a reason to take any action, hence you can start by giving out the reasons why time management in project management is important and how it helps to make things easier for everyone including the staff and trainers.

Offer the benefits

If you have team members who are not easily convinced, you can pull them in by giving them the benefits of using task management and tracking software. You can explain how it can help them to avoid extra load and how they can get compensated for each extra hour that they put in for the company. 

How Acteamo can be beneficial?

  • It helps to track you and your team’s working time, along with the tasks your team is working on. 
  • It has a time tracking app that lets you track how long you’ve been working on a particular task. 

Acteamo has two major features that help with time tracking which helps with two things:

Bottom line

One needs to be considerate of how you introduce a new program to your team and predict how they will react to your proposal. You can make things easier by giving them a free trial of how things will look once the tool is in place and how it will help with time management in project management

For more details, you can visit Acteamo and give the features a try on your own.