Transparency is key for your team

Do you regularly feel you are out of the loop at work? Information gets lost on the way to you? Maybe there is a lack of trust among colleagues or there is just no constant communication between each other. If you feel like this applies to your workspace, then there are some transparency issues, which should be tackled.

On the one side transparency requires great technology and on the other side a trustful, open company culture. One advantage of transparency is, that it drives team performance, accountability and in general a better communication. At projects, with visible tasks and responsibilities, the team performs better, as colleagues keep each other accountable and motivate one another. If your co-worker is working hard and you see his/her to-do list getting shorter, it is going to challenge you to do more as well.

Furthermore, having all the information visible for the entire team there will be no surprises where the project stands at the moment. Transparency ensures that you will see the good as well as the bad things. Another positive aspect of an open and transparent work environment is the internal and external trust. The relationship between employer, employees and even stakeholders improves as transparency is the first step in the process of gaining trust.

How to work more transparent

So, what are some action points you as a business owner, staff member or business partner can take:

  • Introduce a collaborative and cloud-based work management tool into your company.

  • Keep project-schedules and tasks visible and update if there is new information.

  • Brainstorm solutions with the team to solve problems. Including them in this process, shows them that their input is important.

  • Haven an open-ear policy: that means, that you listen to your co-workers and don’t judge them if an idea is not useful.

  • Not everything should be as transparent. Keep HR, financial and contract information private.

If you like this article and would like to implement a work management tool in your company check out acteamo.

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