Time blocking is something we all use in every basic task of our day-to-day life. From setting a time for Sleep schedule to deciding on 15 mins limit for bathing to making time for your favorite hobby. All these actions come under the time-blocking method and don’t need much thinking.

But it is different when it comes to time blocking and deciding time limits for project tasks. It’s essential to pay them special attention since it ultimately predicts your whole week and how you manage the pressure.

Time blocking

Why is time blocking important?

Without using the proper method, you might face extreme pressure at the end of the week. When you need to complete all the pending projects you have been piling up.

One of the reasons why this method is so successful is an increase in brain functionality. With the week scheduled ahead of time, you do not have to waste your energy on making new decisions. For example decisions about what needs more attention to complete the target.

How does Acteamo help with the process?

With the new time blocking feature you get a professional tool that lets you prioritize your tasks and create a schedule that fits your time and the deadline of each project. Along with that, you get another tool that helps with advanced time and task management like a planner organizer.

With the help of Acteamo, you can Share Google tasks with your team members and others. All these features like ease of management and sharing and storage are just a few clicks away.