Freelancing can be a pretty good experience, especially for travelers. The freedom of location is one of the perks of freelancing and is a win-win for travelers. But soon this freedom comes to bite you back, especially when you discover how powerful the god of procrastination is. Procrastination frequently causes work delays, extending your working hours from 8 hours to 10 or even 12 hours. And no one likes to work overtime.

Time management for freelancer

Some of the time management tips that freelancer can use are the following:

  • Make use of a good project management system: look for project management software that makes your work easy and helps you prioritize and manage tasks. Having useful software can decrease the extra time it takes to manage the tasks. 
  • Make a schedule: making a schedule ahead of time gives you a clear view of what task needs to be done urgently and what task can be pushed back. This helps to save time especially if you are working on a project basis. Making a schedule helps you make your hours.
  • Fix the timing: although freelancing gives you freedom of location it doesn’t mean you can take it lightly. Fixing a particular time for work is in your best interest because having a fixed time for work lets you get into the zone when the time comes. Time management for the freelancer is important, and you can use one of several time management tools designed specifically for freelancers.

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