For many people working remotely is like a dream come true. But some issues come with remote working. People who are working remotely due to pandemics know how hectic it gets when no one is there to guide them. But to make things easier there are some tools that you can use to enhance your working experience.

Remote team building activities

Some of the remote team building activities you can try are mentioned below:

  • Online platform: working in a physical office means you have instant access to your seniors who can help you with your queries. But working remotely means you no longer have that facility so instead of struggling on your look for a platform where you can show your seniors exactly you are facing trouble. Many online collaboration tools let you add a comment on a particular task. With such a feature at hand, you can let your seniors know about the trouble. Or your senior can advise you to improve the task using the same feature. It saves time of both the parties.
  • Set up a virtual break room– The casual talks that take place in the workspace are one of the most significant differences between remote and WFH teams. These occur so naturally in the office that you may not notice them – yet they are important team-building tools. You can set up a virtual break room to let the team members communicate more easily and frequently.
  • Hold virtual company events– Whenever everyone gathers for business-wide activities and meetings, the organization truly feels like a team. You can create the same magic using online collaboration tools.
  • Manage the time– connectivity lost with biological time cycle. Now this one can be solved very easily by using Acteamo software. Time tracking tool easily track your time and differentiate between your working hours and resting hours.