Deadlines should’ve been called landmines because there’s not much difference between them both. You don’t realize that you are sitting on a landmine until it blows up. Sounds familiar, right? Well, deadlines are always going to be there, and you are not the only one who is late on their project, but the cause might be more serious than just your employees being lazy.

The reasons behind delayed project completion can be attributed to unrealistic expectations, poor time management, and poor task management. This means once we get the hang of handling these three factors, completing tasks on time will be more easy and doable.

Project tool to manage tasks

Factors that cause missed deadlines

We talked about three factors that directly and indirectly slow down the productivity of your team members and cause missed deadlines. Here is how they affect task management and how you can control these factors easily:

  • Problem: unrealistic expectations

The main reason why any person sets unrealistic expectations is because they have little to no experience in the field. All that setting unrealistic expectations does is set the bar so high that half the employees give up at the start and the rest give up midway after burning out.


Try talking to the person or team who is going to do all the work and getting their opinion on what they can achieve if they work in full force.  You can also select from the vast variety of the best freelance tools available on Acteamo.

  • Poor time management

After setting up the goal, the next main thing is deciding how much time each task will take. Poor allocation of time to different projects can cause your team members to suffer, thereby lowering the quality of the work.


You can ask the team how much time each task will take and then divide the time in such a manner that everything gets done and no one suffers. You can make sure that your team is working properly with the help of tools like a time tracking tool.

  • Poor task management

Improper task management can cause task completion delays. It often happens when you forget that there are both complex and simple tasks in the equation and divide the tasks as such.


It is simple. All you need is a simple and sophisticated project tool to manage tasks, which allows you to determine which tasks need how much attention. It also gives you an overview of the progress of each task.

Bottom line

Deadlines are tricky but not as big a devil as everyone makes them out to be. All you need to do to tackle them is manage them properly, by task and time. Overall, using a project tool to manage tasks can greatly assist in this process. Keep the expectations realistic, and you are all done completing all those tasks.