Team time management is not the same as individual time management. It focuses on groups of individuals working together instead of individuals operating alone. The performance of a group is determined by what its members do as individuals, whereas the performance of a team is determined by both individual results and synergy. Synergy is the idea that when two things are combined, their worth is greater than the sum of their parts.

team collaboration

Time tracking apps can improve team collaboration

The first step any team should take to improve project delivery is to use a time tracking app as it can help in improving team collaboration because

  • It creates better time estimations for future projects by measuring the employee time records.
  • It can help in minimizing and managing the risk of project delays by predicting the project change based on previous tasks delays and obstacles.
  • Your team members may be wasting time on social media or idle surfing on the web, you can avoid this by introducing the time tracker software that creates a sense of responsibility and encourages the employees to work more efficiently.
  • Time trackers can be paired with other reports, timesheets, and other statistics to give solid proof of the time spent on work and determine the actual productivity of the team.

As a result, team time management is a key to a company’s success. Sufficient time must be allocated to successfully meet the challenges. At the Acteamo platform, you will get various tools or software such as project team management software, and it is an effective way to track your team’s progress and manage time for successful projects.