How online collaboration makes it easy for teams

A project management software is a tool designed to maximize the profitability of a project for any company. Companies whether small or large, use it to enhance their effectiveness. One of its most important feature that team members can use is communication. Without the proper communication, teams cannot complete the work effectively which includes analyzing the data, identifying any potential risks and changes that are to be made in schedule.

Any organization that can makes its collaboration faster can easily cut down the time that is spent on taking the action for an idea. When there various project management platforms or teams are working remotely, the best approach to managing a project is through collaboration. Online collaboration produces quick results in short time. For example, if a management team is looking over the project schedule and they have to make a certain change in it, they can work over the internet without even coming out of their bed.

There is no need to travel in the middle of night to meet up for discussing the project and some changes that are needed to be done in it. A big advantage is that only those member that have the access to files can open the document anytime when they need to make a change. Project supervisor on the other hand can easily go and have a look at the work process to make sure that everything is being followed properly.

Challenges in collaboration

There are many challenges with collaboration. Questions like how to efficiently manage the exchange of ideas and documents among team members? How to make sure that resources are working accurately? How to have transparency and accountability whenever project reports are shared with each other?

Providing a strong communication medium can be a big hurdle for many small companies in achieving their desired goals. Often times, a disturbed workforce is the main reason why the project got failed. It is important for all organizations to manage communication with all of their business partners as well as employees. Without a strong communication medium, it can become a difficult task for project leaders to keep their members up to date with all the progress.

Handling projects with collaboration

With collaboration, it is ensured that schedules will be managed easily and that every necessary information will be made available online with only those who are allowed the access. Team members can work from anywhere around the world to communicate, manage their documents, and meet up with other members. Let’s examine some ways through which collaboration can be made easier for team members.

Email based collaboration

Email communication has always been the heart of project management tools. A project management tool with this feature allows users to handle their emails without any effort, which means they can view emails within their project management suite.

Instant and secure messaging

While there is email, it is not the only way to communicate with other team members. Many project management tools have the feature to send secure and instant messages to other members. This way, everyone can interact with each other instantly rather than sending emails, which also boost communication.

Managing the documents

Often times projects have large amount of documents that are needed to be stored so that they can be utilized when the times comes. When you choose a third party file sharing site or email to send your confidential documents, you are on a risk straightaway. Passing the physical document between members on the other hand is a time consuming task. The document management features many advantages while it also presents a great solution for communicating.

Making meetings easy

Project management tools are also providing features to assist meetings. Most of the times, team members are working remotely so features such as web and audio conferencing, and screen sharing can be a lot of help with team members.

Web based collaborating

Online has lots of benefits to administration as well in terms of helping explain something or changing something in project schedule. This can also be helpful to team members as they can easily bookmark a page which they like to show to other members on the team. Using a project management tool helps eliminating the paper copies as well as streamlining the data that is to be used for project. This way teams are assisted with all the important data that is being shared in a centralized manner.

A tool with all features!

How would you like if you get all these features in a single tool? Acteamo combines all these features including project management, team collaboration, and document management into a single platform that can be helpful to all businesses. This cloud based project management software makes sure that you are not interrupted by unnecessary burden which allows you to focus on your work easily.

This tools makes sure that documents are being tracked properly during the project and that every document is given rightful place within the project. So, start using Acteamo if you are looking to enhance your team’s collaboration, and management for daily tasks that are being assigned to them.

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