Just like a new year’s resolution, project management to-do list is also hard to start and even harder to follow throughout the year and life. But is it impossible to achieve the feat? No, if you are strong enough to make a change in your lifestyle you can and will make a change no matter how many hurdles come your way.

The process can be slow at the start or even difficult at the start which is why all you need to make it is a reliable helping hand which in your case can be project management and time tracking.

The reason why people fail to follow the schedule:

  • Over the board list

One of the main reasons why people fail to follow a task list is because the task they set is too high to achieve in a single day or that certain period. If you think that you want to make a million out of zero then that is not possible especially if you have no prior experience.

  • Failing to start regularly

The role of Project management tools is not to help you complete a task in an instant. It is to help you build a flow just like how you have to warm up before performing rigorous exercise. This is why it is important you divide and track your time in sections and start with a smaller and simple task.

  • Non-constant

If you keep switching your list and schedule often then that might be the reason why you fall back on your schedule. Staying consistent is the key to efficient Project management for creative teams and oneself.

Bottom line

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