Collaboration tool – An innovative solution for success

Today, project management heavily relies on collaboration. Many businesses now have recognized this factor as the ultimate success for a project. Such tools have different things to offer including boosting productivity, reducing miscommunication, and making sure that tasks and projects are easily viewable to everyone so that they can do their own job effectively.

Acteamo’s project collaboration tool works on the same ground, and allows everyone to make the most out of their time in order to complete the project successfully. Many companies are usually not sure about making such an investment on project management tools however, there is no other way to succeed in a project without everyone collaborating smoothly.

Collaboration makes projects completed faster!

With advantages in internet and technology, every business has the room to become more competent and creative. With the existing business conditions in the world, most of the companies are considering bringing improvements in their current operations that include waste reduction, and cutting down the expenses. Acteamo offers the support that a team needs that allows a complete access and ease of use within the organization.

The big advantage is that it can be accessed from around the world by team members as well as clients that you allow to. This makes it easy for the organization to deal with clients and the information could have been lost during the transfer through other channels. Using emails as the method of communication is good, but having an open medium where every member and client can go to makes it easier for the project to complete.

Benefits of using acteamo

Keep a track

Team members can keep a track of their tasks; accomplishments, reports, and communication whereas; clients can view the completed work and offer their input in real time. Being a cloud based project management tool, Acteamo is as simple as it is powerful.

Save time

Team members can save their time with reduction in unnecessary emails. Communicating through email has become an old concept as it takes a lot of time to write, send, and then read, and reply back. This is why sharing the data through emails does not lead to a great collaboration between team members.

Centralized business data

Acteamo helps with getting all your data in a centralized location that can be easily accessed and also updated by any team member who is authorized for it. Availability and resource allocation becomes easier when the data is completely centralized.

Reduced communication cost

Businesses can cut down their communication cost that they were spending before on other communication medium including phone bills, and fax bills etc.

Improvement in ROI

With Acteamo, businesses can improve their ROI while avoiding any drawbacks that can come in between such as miscommunication. Acteamo’s collaboration tool can also help with making it easy to host communication through conference calls, training seminars or events.

Reduced travel expenses

Acteamo also helps with saving your company’s travel expenses. Colleagues and partners that are located in other parts of the world can easily get connected without the need for taking flights. Whereas, employees that have the tool installed on their devices will also be able to collaborate while on the go.

Ensuring the accountability

With Acteamo, the management can simply login to a project and keep an eye on what every team member’s progress. This ensures that all team members are on the track and everyone is accountable of their tasks. It is very important for a business to have accountability if they want to succeed. Acteamo also helps with collecting reports and tracking the data in real-time.

This makes it easy for the team to identify errors if any, and fix them before they become a hurdle in project completion and cause damage to business. Acteamo as an innovative solution will change the way you do business. This provides an opportunity for companies to grow faster and complete maximum projects in their fiscal year.

Real-time synchronization

Another reason to use Acteamo for your company is the fact that it makes your enterprise resource planning convenient and effective. It enables all systems to get updated with every single change that is made on any other system connected with the network or synced with central database. There is no need to notify every individual with all the changes.

Once a single change is made, everyone in the company or team who has the access to Acteamo will be updated of the changes. This synchronization gives a great advantage to all the team members and leaves no information untold.

By taking care of real time problems, Acteamo makes sure that every team member is on the same page of the project. It’s has a simple and easy installation with all the features that you need to run the project successfully. Also, it helps with boosting your time and increasing the productivity while it handles all the project technicalities coming in your way of success.

Acteamo is designed to work for all type of businesses, whether small, medium, or large. So, investing in this tool will always help your business in succeeding and managing the operations.

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