Keeping a track of billable hours is as important as doing taxes as it affects your paycheck. Especially if you are a freelancer. Time tracking for a freelancer is a way to keep a commitment to their working schedule and not push themselves to the point of burnout.

There are many advantages of being a freelancer. Freelancing means you are your boss. But the sweet taste of freedom of location & working hours also brings frequent burnouts. And to avoid that from happening you need a freelance hour tracker.

Freelance hour tracker

Some of the benefits of a freelance hour tracker are the following:

  • Increase in productivity:

When you get a better idea of your work pattern you learn new ways to optimize the way you do things quickly and effectively. You get to focus on your tasks better and according to the urgency.

You get to make clear schedules that too ahead of time.

  • Accurate time tracking means reasonable cost estimates:

Time tracking lets you spend track the total hours you spent on a particular task. This feature comes in very handy especially when it comes to proving the legibility of the total billable hours. With this feature, your client can never again cut down your project costs due to wrong accusations.

  • Less time spent on paperwork and more on working:

You can save a big chunk of time you waste and money you lose while doing manual paperwork by using a freelance hour tracker. It is because Time tracking provides you with detailed reports about the work done.

Acteamo time tracker is the best tool you could add to your working hours. We might not be able to do your work but we will be there tracking every second of it so that you can work without worries.