Team management is a task that’s much harder than it sounds. Team management doesn’t only include creating a schedule and handing over tasks to individuals. You have to do way more than that to create a room. You have to understand each person, get their nature, notice what skills they major in, and then handle the work that suits their taste and skillset the best. That’s what it takes to be a good team manager.

What does it take to create the perfect recipe for management disaster?

  • Improper management
  • Imbalance in the workload on different team members
  • Micromanaging

Put them all together and boom there you have it, a perfect recipe to create chaos in the office, exceed the deadlines, and tarnish your experience letter forever.

Where do things go wrong?

There is a fine line between improper management, proper management, and micro-management. Tipping to either side of proper management can cause rebuttal from the members and leave the project in pieces.

And if you want to hit HR with a perfectly functioning team and on-time task completions, you need to learn and have some managing tricks under your sleeve.

Task tool to manage team

3 tricks you can use to turn individuals into a team

  • Give them a small goal

The perfect way to discourage any team is by creating goals bigger than what can be achieved in a few days or a week. Let’s take an example, choose between:

Create a fully functioning application within a month or create a single login page within a few days.

Which one of them seems more doable? Of course the login page within a few days, that’s because it’s easier to work on smaller goals that sound possible than a bigger goal. Small goals work like a reward system; it makes your team feel good and strong when they complete a task within the deadline.  

And the best part is your team will be able to create an application within a month or two if you manage the smaller tasks in order.

Management of so many tasks can get confusing and you might need a helping hand. This brings us to our next point-

  • Get yourself a helping hand

There is only so much you can handle all alone, especially if you are working with a bigger team than usual. And although many people are already aware of the power the internet holds they still fail to use its power to their advantage.

So if you are unaware, let me break it down for you, “Task management tools for teams”. These tools are not just for show if you use the correct ones they work wonders and make management a piece of cake. 

Now that we have managed under control we need to address a very important point that is-

  • Know when to let people go

It’s human nature to make mistakes. That is why you need to be understanding when a person on your team makes mistakes. On the other hand, ignoring the damaging element for too long might do your team more bad than good. If someone makes too many mistakes even after months of training, it becomes your responsibility to eliminate the member from the team.

It is necessary because the mistakes ultimately become extra tasks that you need to take care of that puts the burden on the rest of the team and throw the schedule off the roof. So if you are a soft-hearted person, tighten your belt because you will have to kick the irresponsible ones off the team.

Bottom line

You have to get it that things don’t go as you want. There might come days when you complete all the tasks before time and, there will come days when you are running behind. But in those times you need to be the support pillar your team can rely on and encourage them to get the work done.

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