Do you find yourself working closer to your kitchen because of coronavirus? Due to the coronavirus hundreds of thousands of employees are suddenly working from home. Many of them have no experience with working from home. Here at acteamo we work as a remote team since the beginning and we are happy to share some tips.

Define a workspace

Pick a spot for your office and try to separate your work from your home lives. Try to recreate the “physical” separation between work and home like you would go into an office. Your home office does not have to be its own room, it can also be a corner. Your home office should also be away from distraction. 

Use a work management and collaboration tool

Acteamo is the perfect place to organise your work and collaborate with your colleagues. You can manage your projects in a simple overview panel and can check the progress of your team. Furthermore, set up tasks and create giant to-do lists in acteamo. Prioritize and filter your tasks as you want or assign tasks to your colleagues.

Schedule your day

Working from home allows a lot of flexibility. This flexibility should be used to adapt your daily structure and times to your environment. Nevertheless, it is important to create a structured routine. This will help your mind to adapt to a new working environment. Tip: Get up and start working every day on the same time. 

Communication is the key

The biggest challenge for teams is communication. From, brief exchange of ideas at the coffee machine, to brainstorming in the conference room to private talks during lunch break. You need a alternative for these talks. It is very important to keep in touch with your colleagues. Communicate with your team, even more than you think is necessary. 

Standup calls (Status updates)

Every employee has her or his own tasks. Nevertheless, it is very important and also helpful to know what your colleagues working on. Acteamo-team has arranged to meet every morning at 10 am for a conference call (standup call). In between, everyone has time for themselves.


This is a extreme situation for all of you. In tihs extreme situation you are learning a lot. Encourage your managers to have confidence in your willingness to perform and your self-management skills.

Take breaks

Breaks are important when working from home. Some of you feel pressured to overextend yourself while working from home to prove your team that you are actually working. Especially when you work from home you are working sitting down and that’s why it is important to move around in between.

Fresh air
Ventilate in between – fresh air often brings fresh ideas. 

With acteamo you can connect with your team from everywhere. Work with acteamo to simplify your home office. Share your experience with working from home with us.