Reduce email conversations – boost productivity and collaboration

Boom! Creativity strikes and an idea is formed. Your team has come up with a concept that can propel your product or service onto the cutting edge of technology in your industry. There’s an excited energy in the room as ideas are tossed around. Your company’s future is developing at the speed of thought.
Can your company’s secure email communications platform keep up?

Quickly collaborate and share data securely

In 1971, the first email was sent. This represented an incredible leap in the way mankind communicated ideas and shared information. While most computers, cars and fax machines from 1971 sit in junkyards or antique shops, Email has stood the test of time. Today, email platforms like Hotmail, Yahoo, Google and iCloud boast more than 1.88 Billion unique users. While an impressive number, the reality is that millennials and other tech-savvy members of the workforce are disengaging from corporate webmail at an alarming pace; as much as a 34% decline year over year according to a report by comScore.
Where is all of this communication that used to take place in webmail headed?

Real-Time communication drives email disengagement

It’s 9am on a Monday and your team is reporting for duty, hunkered down in front of their battle stations (I mean desks) with a fresh cup of coffee in one hand, smartphone in the other. While their desktops boot up, they’re checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what their friends are up to. The PC finally finishes booting and Outlook launches with more than 70 unread messages; at least 20% of these messages are spam. Another 25% are blanket emails sent out by corporate that have little to do with them individually.

Your team’s enthusiasm and excitement for the work day ahead has to survive at least 10 minutes of reading boring emails, deleting junk mail and struggling to identify the important messages that affect their project. Is it any surprise that employees are so glued to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, with instant communication and the ability to focus on what really matters to them?

Communication regardless of location

Email may reach your team regardless of location, but it takes time to scroll through conversation lists, filter through junk mail and endure the long-winded musings of colleagues who feel the need to explain every last point of a message, and then forward that message to everyone on their team. Social media has captured our attention because it is instant, relevant and effortless. What’s more, regardless of what browser we’re using, or where we are in the world, we’re never far beyond its reach.

Task management in the world of Social Media and Dropbox

Companies around the world are actively engaging the next evolution in task management and communication. This next evolution has come in the form of web-based apps that operate off of secure servers, where teams can plug into the real-time conversations that affect their projects. The lessons learned from Facebook’s addictive communication platform are being applied to modular communication software, like acteamo, in most Fortune 500’s.
By engaging tech-savvy employees in a way that they’re comfortable with, it encourages them to use secure, company-approved communication and collaboration software, instead of unsecured platforms like personal Google Drives or Facebook. These secure, corporate-licensed programs allow for efficient monitoring of employee activity, while giving team members the freedom to share proprietary data to encourage innovation and collaboration at the speed of thought.

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