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No matter in what kind of company you work, there are countless internal processes to handle. In every team there are tasks to fulfil, projects to manage, and requests to review. All these assignments can get quiet overwhelming, especially if you handle most of these processes through email, paper or during meetings.

An easy and effective way to get started improving the companies’ workflow is with a reliable work management solution. Work management tools can help every team in your company manage tasks with ease and efficiency.

Below are some examples how such a tool can have a positive impact on every employee and on your business.


One of the biggest pain points of every company is the workflow between marketing and sales. These departments have to work in unison to guarantee high results. With acteamo as a work management tool, the communication obstacle between these two teams can easily been removed. Collecting and managing marketing data can be shared via files with the sales department, so they have a closer inside who their customers are and what attracts them.

Human resources

This department is often burdened by many administrative tasks and paperwork. Especially when there is a new job opening and a load of applications overflow the email account. Keeping track of all the applicants can be overwhelming, but using acteamo can help by keeping an overview on what is the next step in the hiring process. Also it ensures that existing employees are being heard by using the Talk feature. Using work management tools for communication can help HR teams save time and focus their limited hours on what really matters.

Project management

Having big projects on the timeline is always involved with a lot of people. Project managers can use acteamo for setting up Projects and all its relevant tasks so nothing gets missing. Every task can be assigned to a specific team member, who is responsible to finish this assignment, so everyone is on track and the project can be finished on time. After a successful ending of the project, Project managers can use the timesheets to get the data, how long each task has been worked on for future reference.

Implementing work management tools like acteamo won’t be an overnight project. But this tool can quickly help the teams become faster, more organized in the day-to-day business and more efficient. The optimization of the workflow within the company will have positive impact on the employees and also on the business goals.

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