The one Productivity Tip for better Project management

When you talk about Project management and look it up on the internet, you find several PM tools which help you to keep an overview of your projects progress. But the heart of any Project is the team responsible for it.

Whether you are a freelancer working from home and the rest of the team is spread all over the world, or you work in a big company and your project team is all settled in one place, the most important thing in any project is the team and the communication between each other.

There are so many ways to keep in touch with all the team members, but still the most used one is email. There is nothing wrong with email per se, but your productivity decreases dramatically with the filling inbox.

So the one productivity tip for better project management is to switch from Email to a Work management tool with a chat feature implemented.


Acteamo has a feature called Talks, which helps you to communicate with your client, colleague and whoever else you want to share information with.
As we are talking about communication in projects, there is no surprise that by creating your project in Acteamo it comes along with its own chat group, where all project-related communication happens.

There will be thousands of people you have to talk to during this project, and with ending the email era and starting using Talks, you will soon find out by yourself, that the communication with the project team is way easier than before.

Instead of waiting to get another email in your inbox, you can get quick answers from everyone using the project group chat, no matter where they are at moment. And as in today’s work environment hardly anyone is in the same place at the same time, quick response is crucial for a productive project day.

So sign up for Acteamo for free and try out Talks by yourself for better Teamwork and Productivity.


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