New Leadership: How to lead your team into a new area of work

In today’s uncertain environment it is crucial to have teams which are innovative and react fast to changes. To establish and coach such innovative teams, a new form of leadership is vital which puts emphasize on teams and their members. But how exactly can leaders help enable innovation?

Focus on your employees to enhance innovation

For innovation to happen, valuable ideas need to be created and implemented. Firms need motivated employees which actively participate and are not afraid to share their ideas and thoughts. This is exactly where leaders come in. A leader can put behaviours in place, give responsibility and allow freedom to employees. With the right behaviours in place, a positive work environment can be established. Such a work environment emphasises on open communication, respectful acquaintance and the well-being of individuals. As a leader, you need to make your team members feel relevant and needed. You must encourage people to speak up, to participate and to share expertise. Rather than delegate, implement processes which simplify collaboration. Consequently, your employees will be more motivated and your team more effective. And hence, your firm more innovative.

How to become a new leader

Being a good leader is a difficult task which does not come natural to everyone. Every leader needs to find out what works best in his or her team individually. Thus, to be successful, you first need to get to know your team. Find out about your team members interests, motivations and goals in life. Analyse your current team work and communication. Question the status quo. Think of ways to improve the satisfaction of your team and each member individually.

Start with something simple. Implement a new behaviour, demonstrate it and make sure others follow along. Engage with your team and focus on team building activities. And most importantly, let your team contribute. Ask them for ideas, let them assess the new work environment and be open towards their feedback. If something doesn’t work out, don’t despair. Start over with a new idea. Just remember, there is neither a right way how to be a good leader and nor a right way to become one.

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