The key to create a product which people love

It is tempting to write down all the ideas you have about a new product on a piece of paper. But this is the wrong start to create a product, which people love.
The beginning should be by searching for a problem or enhancing a current idea. Your goal should be to solve a market need instead of creating a unique product, which does not pursue a demand.

Get to know your costumer

Your buyers want a specific solution to their problem, and they will buy your product instantly if you can provide it. To figure out their need, the most effective way is to talk to them personally. Get them on the Phone or skype with them to ask about their need. This may be a time-consuming method, but it is an investment that will help you to push your sales figures day by day. Other possibilities to get to know your costumer is by creating surveys, check blog comment entries, reviews and forums. You won’t get the accurate answers you wish for, but an approximately idea.

Ask all the questions

Once you understand the costumers need you have to find out how you can guarantee that your product fulfils it. In this process you quickly will figure out that you don’t just have to solve their ultimate problem, but also all the obstacles, which come along. You may know all about the product, which solves the problem, but you don’t know what are the customers’ questions in their head. For instance, when your product is a work management tool your costumer might not know how to install the application, or invite colleagues to the management tool. The more you find out what they are asking themselves in the whole process the more of your product you will sell.

Form habits

Most of our daily activities are taken up by habits that we have formed over our lifetime. We usually do not recognize habits in our own behaviour. If we think the action we are taking is working, we repeat it over and over again, a habit is born.

And this is why Snapchat, Google and Pinterest are one of the most successful brands at the moment. You have a question and before thinking about it more than 5 minutes you search for the answer on Google. Or you wake up after your 8-hour sleep and check your Snapchat for new updates what your friends have been doing the last few hours.
Back to the work management tool example: This application is created purposefully to support behaviour changes so working in a team becomes more efficient and simplify their business structure. The habit to always write emails and skype chats back and forth should be replaced by this work management tool.

The final step

After you asked all the questions and have already a habit-forming product in mind the trail phase starts. You will have to build prototypes, think about delivery methods and create a platform, where your costumers can purchase your product or service. You already put so much effort in the product itself, so don’t drop the ball now by using easy and cheap ways for the add-on services, which come along with every product. Spend some money on a professional looking website and well-designed marketing material. It is all about the first impression and most of the time not the product will be the first thing your future buyers will see. Invest in this, and it will increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

And that is how you will create a product your customers will enjoy and also pays of nicely for your company.

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