Information privacy: business ethics and integrity that maximizes profitability

You just got off the phone. Your credit card company advised that there was a breach of confidential data and your card was compromised; a replacement credit card is on the way, but until the $50,000 in fraudulent charges are cleared up, your cash-flow is virtually non-existent. How will you make payroll next week? Do you have enough liquid assets to cover this short-term catastrophe?

This is a nightmare scenario that has become all too familiar to millions of credit and debit card holders. Is your company part of the problem, or do you safeguard your client’s confidential information with the same proactive security protocols you use for you own private information? If you wouldn’t trust your private information within your current cloud collaboration infrastructure, it’s time to consider upgrading to a secure system, like Acteamo to better protect customer data.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be proactive around information privacy

Employee accountability
Are your employees leaving footprints behind? No, I’m not talking about replacing the welcome mat out front. I’m talking about the electronic footprints left behind as your team works on a project. For example, Acteamo allows you to easily view the last time each member of your team logged in to work on a project. This is part of the robust time management suite employed by Actemo’s industry leading, cloud-based collaboration system.

Pay close attention to all of the software you utilize to complete work for your clients. As an administrator, you need to have the ability to track access to your company’s data. This not only protects your client’s private data, but increases overall corporate security. In the event of a breach, you’ll be able to quickly identify the offending login and disable it, pending further investigation by your security team.

The Secure Cloud
Acteamo takes pride in providing industry-leading data backup and security features; standard with every account. Our Switzerland based servers backup all customer and client information every hour. With two separate data centers in use, even if disaster strikes, your information is safe and immediately accessible at our secondary facility; up to date as of 60 minutes prior to any critical failure. Thankfully, while we test this feature regularly, it has not been necessary in the past. The first line of defense is preventing disasters, and Acteamo monitors its systems around the clock.

Maximizing security with password generators
“Test123” and “password” should never be used as primary passwords for any account you hold. In fact, if you can easily remember your password, you should change it. Creating random, variable rich passwords is key to securing your account, and improving corporate security. There are multiple apps that support corporate-level password generation. For example, Keeper Security both generates unique passwords, and saves a virtual passbook in a secure cloud for easy access; taking away the need to write down passwords on a piece of paper (BAD IDEA).

Is your company operating in a secure cloud environment? Are you putting your company’s reputation at risk by making it easier for cyber criminals to access private customer data? Don’t let your organization become the next headline in the war to secure customer data!

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