Improve productivity in your remote team

Nowadays, it is quite common that geographical restrictions are loosened in the business world and companies are taking advantage of skills, tax and labour costs by hiring staff from other countries. However, working with remote teams comes with certain challenges. Starting with meeting the same goals at the same time or even more important supervising the team so no one is lacking behind on work. This does not mean that team members from around the world are not worth having, as they can bring experience and skills to the company, you may not find in your country.

There are some tips and tricks to manage remote teams and the next points will help you to become one union without the distance restrictions.

Improve Communication

To be able to work well together and be efficient at work, your company will need a good relationship between colleagues. A good atmosphere between each other will affect their work and at the end of the day their attitude towards the company. Having a place open for communication encourages team members to keep in touch with each other constantly, both formally and informally. An app like acteamo can be used as this communicative space. Sending regular updates about the company makes sure that everyone feels involved and connected.

Keep time zones in mind

We are likely to set deadlines on tasks without even thinking about time zones. Probably your remote team is not in the same time zone as yours, so it is important to set deadlines according to your team`s respective time zone.

To keeping up productivity in your company you might consider using complementary work schedules. Usually, team members work alongside each other at the same time and accomplish tasks together. With this working style, the colleagues work in cycles, one task based on the next one. For team meetings always choose an overlapping time, where everyone is supposed to work no matter their location.

Proper Tracking

This distance and the flexible work schedule can make team members get lazy and inaccurate. If you pay your team based on working hours, you need the right tool to monitor their progress. acteamo comes in handy for situations like this to track your team’s progress.

Keeping these easy tips in mind will improve the productivity in your remote team and an overall better work experience for the whole staff.

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