Nowadays it is difficult to manage projects or assign tasks with colleagues, especially when those are not actually in the same workspace. Many companies have this problem and try to keep everyone up-to-date by sending tons of emails back and forth. Important information gets lost in the depth of the overflowing inbox and team members get left out of email-chains. “Do I have the latest document?” or “When is the next team meeting?” are questions which pop are regularly, when working with this method of communication.

There are a lot of project management / collaboration tools on the market at the moment and it is difficult to choose the best-fitting one for the team. Businesses have to consider many factors which fulfill the company’s needs, guarantee to solve their problems and let them work to their potential.

1. Workflow evaluating and Goal setting

This is the key for a team and project leader to keep everything moving smoothly. Miscommunication is never affordable to any project manager as; it leads to missed deadlines and unhappy clients. Acteamo helps by assisting project managers to assign tasks to particular members that only those members can see.

2. Cloud or On-Premise

Many collaboration tools are cloud-based but there are also on-premise versions on the market.

If On-Premise is an option for your company, you will have to answer the following questions with “yes”: “I have the budget to finance it!” and “The company has the IT capacity and capability to run this software!”

A Cloud software usually offers a more flexible pricing model, which may fit your budget better and also backups and restores files automatically to protect it from power and hardware failure. Furthermore, take in consideration that your team has to solve the problem if there is an outage by using an on-premise version.

3. Security

Sharing documents and working on highly sensitive projects needs extra confidence when operating in the cloud. Choosing the right provider with secure servers is important to keep all of the information private and safe.

Additionally, balancing the competing goals of collaboration and security are a problem. On the one side, these tools focus on building a useful connection and availability of information among co-workers and customers. On the other side, confidentiality and data security have a high priority.

4. Trials

To judge a software only on its features is the wrong way on selecting a project management / collaboration tool. There are also soft factors, which can only be reviewed by using the tool in the day-to-day business.

In most cases, providers offer free trail accounts you can quick and easy set up by yourself. Others even provide free versions with limited features to test before upgrading to the full product.

All in all, before investing money in a new tool for your team, it is important to consider the points listed above. So if you are ready, give acteamo a spin and see by yourself how easy and simple project and team management can be.