Employee time tracking app can boost the performance and productivity of your employees, which can also provide key insights into how your employees manage the work. It is important to know how your team spends their time so that you can help them in improving their performance. Below, there are some points mentioned how Employee Time Tracking App can help your business.

  • Organise remote work better

The time tracking app helps in organizing the remote teams. If your employees are looking to switch to remote work, this app can help your teams to take tasks more seriously and help them stay more active while working from home.

  • Measure success better

Time tracking tools can help you to reward your most successful employee for their effort.  For example, you can give a pay raise for a major achievement. By measuring your team’s efforts, you can also encourage your less organized employees to make a bit more effort next time.

  • Focus on the right clients

By looking at your employees’ timesheets against the revenue each client brings, you can know easily what projects are the most profitable. Then, you can make a plan to focus on more such clients and make sure your sales are more concentrated on that particular client segment.

employee time tracking app

Acteamo’s Employee Time Tracking Software has all the latest features and can do the time tracking in a more effective way.