Build your team effortlessly with the right tools

With the right tools in place, building a productive team doesn’t have to be a hassle. Collaboration allows your organization to leverage the power of teamwork. With the principal members and technology integrated, expect impressive efficiency. Much of what your team does is repetitive. It’s the type of work that causes people to make mistakes. Software tools eliminate the bottleneck of human error, by introducing robust systems that put everyone on the same page.

Project managers need to be able to track time and schedule work on a flexible basis. Sharing files, contact management, and secured chat all allow for open lines of communication so that all elements of a project are correctly tasked and tracked. When you’re managing a complex project, it’s imperative you have precise information about what each team member is doing. If you need to review their work, it’s easy to do by using the collaborative workspace and file sharing.

Collaborate in a clear, efficient manner

Team members will never be confused about when a meeting is taking place. Acteamo offers users the chance to manage project meetings using notifications and scheduling. During the meeting feel free to create action tasks and schedule team members to perform them. Intuitive workflow makes communications between departments and freelancers simple. Let’s face it, improved communication is essential for organizations, especially as they grow. Don’t let growth slow you down. Project management tools empower you to add human resources as needed.

In the past, adding the right talent was difficult. You had to be concerned with finding the best-qualified talent in your local area or relocating new employees to your area after being hired. Now, hiring specialists is much easier, especially on a contract, outsource, or project basis. Managing remote workers using project management software keeps the focus on the tasks that are in the pipeline. You “To Do List” keeps a running tab on all active projects. Deploy as many people as you want to handle tasks until the whole project is finished. By tracking everyone’s time accurately, client deadlines are always met. If you don’t master time, time will do a number on you! There’s no faster way to improve your current project productivity than by using a suite of powerful tools.

The benefits include:

  • Ability to manage workers across the globe.

  • The power to assign team members to scheduled tasks.

  • Collaboration tools and file sharing.

  • Communication tools including notifications and secured chat.

Without a service behind you, you’d be forced to try to replicate these various features using multiple apps. You can imagine how disorganized everything would get in that case. Using a streamlined solution means you have a unified dashboard and control panel. Everything you need is in one place, making it easy to push your team in the right direction. Once you’re proficient in using cloud-based project management software, you’ll never want to return to your old ways of doing business. Luckily, you won’t have to! Try acteamo today and discover how a best in class solution helps your business grow.

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