Be the best Manager you can be

Every business knows how important effective management is. Putting the right people in the management position is a pretty difficult task. This person has to have the right work ethic, lead, motivate and help in any situation.

Therefore, being a manager might be quite scary. You have to trust your own judgement and have to make decisions for the entire team. There will be a lot of Ups and Downs and not everything will work out the way you want it too. To successfully start in your new adventure, the following tips may help you to avoid failure.

Know your business

In the beginning you will be overwhelmed by all the information you are getting. From strategy, HR, clients to culture, you need to understand what is happening internal and external. The best way to get this knowledge is by asking questions. Sit down with people who have been in this company longer than you have been. Most people are happy to help and give insight.

Set goals

In every part of your life, private and business, goal-setting is essential. It helps you as a manager and your employees to prioritize activities and focus. That is why your goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, time bound). If the goal achievement includes a reward, the desire to accomplish the goal will rise to the top of every team member To-do list and empower them even more.

Take action

You no longer rely on the approval of your boss – you are now responsible for taking initiative of how your team achieves goals. If you think your company is lacking, make it happen. Try things out, because not trying is usually worse than trying, failing and learning from it.

Be hungry

The first few months will be exciting and awesome. But soon you will realize that the honeymoon period is over. To stay motivated and engaged, keep learning how you can optimize your workflows and create a better team environment. Implementing a work management tool or team events will mix up your daily work routine and pushes yourself and your team forward.


A good manager should be leader and also a mentor. Providing professional guidance to your staff members shows your interest in their development within the company. Mentoring empowers your team and they will appreciate you even more.
This applies also to yourself. Find a mentor that you can go to when you need support and have questions. Look across your company or outside your job and approach someone who is the type of manager you want to be.

Value your team

The best managers earn respect from their employees by valuing their work and time achieving team-goals. Keep them up to date and stay interested in what they are doing. An employee who knows how much they are appreciated will work harder, enjoy what they do more and be a better team member.

Delegate responsibility

You will realize at one point that you are not able to get everything done by yourself. Once you trained and trust your employees, let them handle tasks without your interference. Set clear expectations and show the team member how important this task is. When they know how serious their role is they will try to achieve the optimal outcome. They may have different approaches, but just force your way into it, after evaluate the method they used and you still think it is not effective.

Being a good manager does not mean that you have to be a people pleaser or drill sergeant. You have to find the balance between being there for your team members but also showing them who is in charge. The best way is to lead by example. Demonstrate the right values, show that you do what you love, keep an open door and be patient.

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