Next in our Q&A series is Developer Robert Applepie and why they use acteamo at work.

Tell us a little bit about you and what kind of work you do

My name is Robert Applepie, but everyone calls me Robby and I work as a developer. Mostly I do software-development and sometimes a few little website jobs, that’s it.

How did you get into Software- /Website Development?

All started at high school, when the Internet became really big. Mark and John, twins and classmates of mine, had a computer at home and we spent a lot of time in front of it. We were fascinated about the content on the different websites, and that there was like endless possibilities to use the internet. So we started to research, how we can build our own website. First it was just one page, were we wrote a little profile about ourselves. But every time we sat together we implemented a new feature to our little website. It was an amazing time thinking about it now. We were so curious.
From this time on, my path was clear. I wanted to become a developer. Not just for websites but also for computer programs. I still was interested how endless the possibilities are for working with a computer as a workspace. And here I am now, still coding.

What do you love about your job?

There are 2 main reasons why I still do what I am doing:
The first thing I have already mentioned before. I love the infinite possibilities there are. If you can imagine it, there will be a way to make it real. The other reason I do what I love is the remote working. Since I use acteamo I hardly ever sit in front of my office desk. I enjoy going to all the cafés my city offers, or in the summertime I transform a park bench to my outdoor office. All you need as a software-developer is a laptop and a good project management tool. With acteamo I can keep contact with the other team members, send files and the most important, I can see who is working on which part. It became way more enjoyable since I am not confronted with an overflowing email inbox anymore.

So how did you find out about acteamo?

I was not even looking for a work management tool, to be honest. In my company we worked with email communication for a long time and so we were used to the hundreds of emails every day. Let’s say it like this: It was a struggle, but it worked. So why change? And then there was this one meeting with a new client of ours. While talking about the conditions of the work together, we discussed about how the communication will be between his company and ours. At that was the moment when he mentioned that they work with acteamo to keep in contact and show the work progress. And ever since we use it in the company.

That is awesome. How many people are working with acteamo?

We are 5 developers and 2 people in business development and administration. So 7 in total. And we try to use acteamo also when there are new projects with clients, if they are open to it.

So what are you plans for the future?

I am quiet down to earth person so I don`t need big business goals or success stories in my life. I am really happy to work with a passionate team that grows month by month on amazing projects.

Thank you so much Robert for taking the time for doing this interview. In closing, what would be an advice you would give someone who is just getting started in software- development or any other developing?

Something no one was telling me is: Technology is always changing so be aware that you have to be on top of it, otherwise you will have a hard time catching up to them.

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