Project Management has now become an essential technique for most companies to increase their productivity and ensure that they are offering services with effectiveness and efficiency. In this entire process, a project management software such as Acteamo helps you with providing the tools that assist the team with being as active as possible.
It is designed to help keep everything managed for small as well as large businesses who find it difficult to cope with number of tasks at one time. Integrating a project management software brings certain improvements in processes along with many benefits to use it. Let’s have a look at what benefits companies get by using a project management software.

Collaborate with Team Members

Team members in a project are usually assigned with individual tasks that lead to completion of entire project. A project management software allows all team members to easily collaborate with each other on projects, and share documents, timelines, and status updates. Acteamo is one such tool that enables teams to discuss various issues in real-time.
This allows team members to keep updated with everyone’s progress, and quickly deal with any issue that arises. It becomes easy for team members to see what tasks they have to complete, and what others have completed. Moreover, this helps companies to spend less time on managing everyone and devote more time on other things.

Assign Tasks to Team Members

Companies often evaluate team members with their knowledge, skills, and abilities before they consider assigning them a task. However, with Acteamo it becomes easy to assign tasks to the suitable team members and every member has the access to essential information. Everyone knows who is responsible for what task and who they should contact for nay concerns.

Keeping Everyone on the Schedule

Acteamo enables the administrator to add a starting date and an expected date for completion of the project, as well as the tasks to be included in the system. Once this is created, it will be automatically sent to all team members as a notification for upcoming deadlines. This will allow everyone to manage the time correctly and complete their tasks within the given timeframe.

Tracking the Progress of Project

Keeping a track of the entire progress of various projects become very easy with a project management software. Acteamo provides you insights to which tasks have been completed, who has completed them, and what stills needs to be completed. Team members can give updates to what they are working on currently, and share it with other members as well.
Acteamo removes the need to update status about meetings and emails, thus saving your time for writing endless emails and focusing more on productivity. Also allowing you to work from anywhere you are, at any time you want.

Staying ahead with forecasting

Members can stay ahead of each other’s schedule by viewing all task workload of the past week, and even before that. The forecasting feature allows teams to view what future would like for their project. Companies usually go for forecasting in the early stages of the project in order to determine the scope, limitation, and any potential risks related to the project. However with Acteamo, managers can be confident while making the decision for any particular project.

Communicate effortlessly with Clients

Project management software allows companies to easily communicate with clients in addition to team members. Companies can provide access to their clients for project files and allow them to give feedbacks on the tasks that are completed. Clients can view the progress in real time and stay connected with the team members.
Being a Cloud based project management tool, Acteamo allows teams to be transparent and let their clients be never left out of the loop. Not to be confused, you will have the complete control over what your clients can see and download. This provides your team the ability to share the real-time figures with clients, without getting worried about anything. As a result of this, clients feel more confident with your work and it also gives a picture to clients about what actions your team is taking to complete the project.

Personal Routine Tasks

A project management tool is not only about managing the projects given by clients. They can be really helpful when it comes to personal tasks. For example, Acteamo is designed to help you with completing your personal tasks other than the project. You can easily create a list of your pending tasks that are not related to projects you are working on, and later access it from any browser, mobile device, or even from your email inbox.

A Project management software such as Acteamo is a helpful addition to companies that have to work with many complex reporting projects. However, the first step for any company is to identify the requirements for the project in order to make sure that a project management software fits the needs. Once the requirements are clear, it becomes easy to take the decision making process. This should be followed by a careful evaluation to whether there are more benefits than drawbacks to integrating the project management software.

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