Was ist acteamo Beta Software Program ?

Mit der Teilnahme am acteamo Beta Programm kannst du unsere neuste und unveröffentlichte Software nutzen und testen. Natürlich sind wir sehr an deinem Feedback interessiert um das Produkt dann zu verbessern.

Wie kann ich teilnehmen?

Sign up via Form below and we will inform you when our next Beta has been released. When you find an issue, bug or have new ideas you can get in contact directly with our Product Development Team.

On what are you working currently ?

We have totally redesigned our Application in Collaboration with User Experience Designer and plan to release our Beta in Mid-June.


If you are interested in getting early access and providing us with feedback, please give us your name and email and why you would like to participate. We’ll be in touch to join our acteamo Beta Program.


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