Thursday night we are releasing acteamo 1.6.0!

This is already the second time within four weeks that we can announce a new release! Version 1.6.0 is all about a new feature: acteamo Workspaces. Additionally, we listened to your feedback and massively improved the use of the task lists, as well as the project structure feature. Of course we also implemented countless small improvements and bug-fixes.


Until now, as a user of acteamo you have one ‘workspace’ setup by yourself or your company’s acteamo administrator. It is connected to a variety of roles and permissions and as always is accessible using your login ID and password. At the same time partners, colleagues or clients may have invited you to their workspace in acteamo. You received a separate log-in for all of these workspaces. If you wanted to work in a different company’s acteamo workspace, you needed to log out and log in again with the correct login ID. This is now a thing of the past!

You only have one login ID. You can define the primary workspace in your personal profile. Changing to another workspace can now be done with one simple mouse-click. acteamo changes the workspace automatically, and you don’t need to log-out and log-in anymore.


Task- / Todo-List

You can find your task list on acteamo‘s dashboard / landing page. We revised and designed it in an even more user-friendly way.



Now you can see your team-members` tasks by simply selecting the respective person. Once a task is created, it is very easy to re-assign it to a different user. You can also assign a task to a project directly from the overview.

Project structure

We set up the project structure with a completely new design. We now support inline editing of all elements, as well as drag & drop. This allows you to quickly and easily edit the most important features, shift tasks between sub-projects or swiftly assign them to another member of the project team.



We extended the chat functionalities and simplified the chat window. The most important innovations are the option to filter messages by time, and to enlarge the chat window to full screen. We also combined all chat participants in a menu, so that there is more space for the conversations.


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